Dr. Marcia Rioux Inaugural CDSSA Conference Dedicatee

This year’s conference (2021) is dedicated to Dr. Marcia Rioux

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CDSSA has elected to honour distinguished and remarkable contributions to the field of Critical Disability Studies, the conference will select a person, persons, or organization that has developed and enriched the field.

This year, we are pleased to announce that the inaugural annual dedicatee will be Dr. Marcia Rioux. She was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of Critical Disability Studies at York University. Her work will be celebrated for her contributions to enacting disability at a Celebration of her work on April 21.

Dr. Marcia Rioux’s career embodies disability justice by prioritizing the advance of the rights of persons with disability. She is a legal scholar with a comprehensive understanding of community based participatory research especially with respect to human rights, health and social justice, and particularly international disability rights. Among her many accomplishments, Dr. Rioux is the founder and Director of Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI). This is a multi-year series of projects to monitor disability rights nationally and internationally.

She is currently working on Handbook of Disability: Critical Thought, Human Rights and Social Change in a Globalizing World. The Handbook maps the terrain of disability the world over by providing an overview of issues, concerns and developments in the domains of advocacy, education, medicine, law, policy, research, disaster management, development, economics, employment, science,technology, history, culture, and society. She has edited a number of collected volumes and more than 70 book chapters and articles on disability rights.

Finally, as a person, Marcia is wonderfully kind,compassionate, and supportive to her colleagues and students. She is an enormously powerful force for good in the world!

Speaker General Area

David Dyer Lawson, PhD Student


Short introduction

Dr. Cameron Crawford Marcia’s early work.
British ColumbiaStudying with Marcia
Dr. Geoffrey Reaume Marcia’s work to establish CDS at York
Marcia as a colleague
Cindy Jiang, PhD Student CDSSA perspective
Cam Wells, Disability Journalist Overview of interviews over the years.
Monica Ackermann, MA Studying with Marcia MA – early on in the programme.
Working and traveling with Marcia for DRPI
Douglas Waxman, PhD Student Studying with Marcia
Dr. Tammy Bernasky Studying with Marcia
Working, traveling with Marcia for DRPI
Dr. Alexis Buettgen Studying with Marcia
Dr. Jutta Treviranus Working with Marcia on joint IDRC and IDI projects
Sukaina Dada, PhD Student Handbook of Disability: Critical Thought, Human Rights and Social Change in a Globalizing World.
Dr. Emile Tompa CRWDP/DWC
Anne Jackson, PhD Student Studying with Marcia
Working on DRPI
Sean Wiltshire, Disability Employment Expert Working and traveling with Marcia for DRPI

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