Important Dates 2021

  1. Important Dates for deadlines in graduate-level studies
  2. Frequently Asked Questions (home program website)
  3. Guidelines section of the Critical Disability Studies program’s website for procedures and administrative forms for each stage in the program
  4. The MRP guidelines and MRP forms are located on the home program website for students and their MRP committee to reference.  It is the responsibility of the student to complete the forms at each stage and submit to the graduate program office.
  5. We updated the PhD comprehensive papers and dissertation guidelines, which are for both the student and their graduate supervisory committees to refer to.   Please take note of the graduate supervisory responsibilities of supervisor and student.
Please note research ethic protocols are updated to reflect equity, risk, and data collection during COVID-19.  Please refer to the Research Ethics links in the Student Guidelines section.


Our program and all graduate students are governed by the regulations at York University’s Faculty of Graduate Studies.  Students are required to maintain good academic standing, registration status and financial records.   Please be aware that it is the graduate student’s responsibility to submit forms related to each academic milestone and such actions are part of maintaining good academic standing.   Completing courses, establishing MRP/dissertation committees with the form,  submitting MRP/dissertation proposals that are approved by your committee,  passing comprehensive exams and the final oral defense – all have forms associated with each stage.

As a reminder, if you have any reason to interrupt your graduate studies,  the action is to contact Collette to discuss your administrative options at  Collette is unable to advise and help if there is no communication made with the graduate office.  Please communicate with her, as she is the program administrator responsible for the graduate records and portfolio.  It is important to update your graduate status with the program as we are aware that changes can occur for an individual.


  1. Students will  register as active for Summer 2021 around as of Apri 6, 2021.  Registration is required each term, even if a student does not require enrolment in any courses and you are engaged in your research activities.  Please be aware that the Summer registration deadline is April 20, 2021. A Late $200 registration fee will be applied to any registration after this date.
  2. If you face a financial or enrolment block, please communicate with Collette


  1. For students in upper years, if you plan to complete all degree requirements and have a dissertation defense or MRP Discussion scheduled by mid- April, please apply to graduate for June 2021 convocation by February 26, 2021:
  2. The act of “applying to graduate” only occurs once in the system.  If you have already completed this task in a previous term, there is no further action required
  3. If you have any outstanding matters that Collette has informed you about, please complete the tasks as discussed for resolution



For continuing students who are in the upper-level years and final stages:

  1. MRP deadline:  if your MRP Supervisor and Advisor agree that you can proceed to the MRP discussion,  the faculty members are to notify Collette to schedule and complete the MRP Discussion by April 16, 2021.  Please remember to consult the MRP guidelines document for how to proceed in each stage.
  1. PhD Candidates:  if your dissertation committee agrees that your thesis is defensible,  they are to notify Collette.  Please note that the next convocation is June 2021.   Once Collette receives all the requested items, the scheduling process occurs until March 8, 2021 for Collette to organize a recommended oral defense that occurs before April 16, 2021.
  2. If point (1) and (2) do not apply,  all continuing graduate students proceed to register for the next term.  The Summer 2021 registration deadline (without financial penalty) is April 20, 2021 and any online registration that occurs after this date is subject to the $200 late fee.
  1. If you have an existing balance owing to York, you will have a financial block.  If there is an admission condition that is not met, there will be a registration block. This will also affect any outstanding petition requests.  Please pay your balance under the $1000 threshold to proceed.

If there are any reasons why you are unable to resume your studies, please notify Collette to discuss your administration options to submit the documentation in a timely manner.   It is not recommended to disappear as it makes the graduate status more complex.

Failure to update your graduate activity and meet academic milestones result in automatic program withdrawal by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.